Building a Custom Shoe with COMUNITYmade Part 3 | Mock Drawing and Q&A…

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Custom Shoe Consultation:

The steps in creating a custom, handmade shoe aren't as difficult as they seem and the process allows for me to share as much information as possible. While the sneaker community thrives on the opportunity to establish how many pair of shoes we have in the collection and the best pairs we have, the stories around those shoes are typically sports related or they align with a memory of a time when we couldn't buy those kicks.

This project with COMUNITYmade for me is the acknowledgement that at some point a better, higher quality shoe that didn't come from a store where it sat for an unspecified amount of time should be the goal of a more mature sneaker enthusiast. This will be my first pair of custom, handmade shoes. Of all the shoes I've bought this will have the lowest impact on the environment and it will allow for one of the best stories in my sneaker history.

Video Breakdown:
0:40 Questions on the Set Up and Bulk Pricing from YouTube
1:30 Noah Answers the Questions
2:10 If You Want Your Own Line:
3:24 Justin the Founder of Number 33 Golf Company wanted to make a Golf Shoe and a Collaboration Was Born
4:18 What is the smallest/biggest quantity a person can order?
5:20 Mock Drawing explanation for my custom shoe
6:34 I ask for a COMUNITYmade logo to be added to the side of the shoe. Noah adds the logo in real time.
8:29 Are COMUNITYmade shoes true to size?
9:00 Ensuring that the correct size is made.
9:50 Moving towards the production process
10:22 Noah explains the time it takes once we confirm the mock drawing
11:00 Closing


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