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I absolutely loved the Mega CD - or Sega CD as it was known in the rest of the World. One of the great side effects of CD media was the fact it allowed magazines to covermount demo disks.

I remember picking these up as a kid and getting to play demos of upcoming games. Amazing times!

The first magazine to do this was UK based Mega Power that released 12 demo disks - of which I have 10 (I am missing the double disk of Soulstar and Battlecorps which duplicates earlier disks and I remember saving my money back in the day) and also the last disk Lethal Enforcers 2 (which I don't recall seeing to be fair but I'd love a copy if anyone has it)

Lots of the demo disks are Core Design titles which makes sense as they are UK based but luckily they supported the system and really pushed the hardware.

Sega Pro also released disks - 15 in total although there was some repetition/duplication of earlier disks due to lack of software. I'll do a separate video of these. I'll also try to upload footage of each disk if there is interest.

The music is Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2 as I though that no sound would be odd.

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